Personal Statement Editing



Have you been procrastinating, staring at your computer screen for weeks unable to write even one sentence?  Do you say things like “I don’t know how to write about myself” or “I haven’t done anything worth writing about”?  Does your statement contain the phrase… “I want to be a Physician Assistant because I want to help people”?  If any or all of this applies to you, let our experienced Mentors help.

Our Mentors are Physician Assistants who know medicine and the ins and outs of the admission process.  There are certain courses that must be completed before you can even begin the PA School application process.  Our Mentors will help ensure you are taking the proper courses and review your transcripts to see if there are completed courses that may need to be repeated due to grades.  GRE planning.

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Volunteer Hours

So many students struggle with volunteer opportunities.  What are the right ones?  How many hours?  How do I find them?  Our Mentors will provide you with information about local volunteer opportunities and advise you type and amount that will help you stand out from other applicants.

Physician Assistant Program Selection

Should you pick a program from your home state or go out of state?  A Master’s program or non-Masters?  What program is a best fit for you depending on your clinical background, cost, and educational background just to name a few factors.  All of this is taken into account by our Mentor’s.

Patient Care Experience/Shadowing

How do you get the clinical hours required by a particular program?  What clinical hours count?  Paid or unpaid experience?  How can I find a shadowing experience?  Our Mentor’s understand all the needs of an applicant and can advise you on the best ways to meet the requirements of any particular PA Program so you stand out from all the other applicants.

Second Time Around

You didn’t get accepted the first time you applied.  Let us look over your PA School application and show you ways to improve it for the next time around.  Whether it’s retaking a science class, getting involved in volunteer work, changing the type of clinical hours, our Mentors have the experience it takes to evaluate an application for areas of improvement and advise you on the proper action to take.