Considering applying to a PA Program this cycle or are you just considering the Physician Assistant career and want to ask some questions?  Our Mentors are currently practicing Physician Assistant’s and when you sign up for the General Advising session, you will receive a one-on-one 60-minute personalized experience along with a written comprehensive report of the conversation.  Did you apply previously and were rejected?  When you sign up, send us your last CASPA application and we will review it along with your previous personal statement to see where you can improve and what would make you stand out this time around.  Some of the most common topics discussed during a General Advising session are:

Undergraduate Planning

Our Mentors will talk to you about your undergraduate work and ensure you are taking the courses necessary to meet the prerequisites or if you need to retake any of your previous coursework all before you even begin the application process.  We will also point out courses you should take to make yourself more competitive even though they aren’t listed on a PA Programs prerequisite.  We will also talk to you about GRE preparation as well as whether or not you even need to take it for the programs you are applying to.

Volunteer Hours

So many students struggle with volunteer opportunities. What are the right ones?  How many hours?  How do I find them?  Our Mentors will provide you with information about local volunteer opportunities and advise you on the right type and number of hours that will help you stand out from other applicants.  Even during this time of the Pandemic, there are still quite a few volunteer opportunities no matter where you are located.

Physician Assistant Program Selection

There are many factors that go into determining the PA Programs where each individual applicant has the best chance of getting into.  It isn’t all about your GPA.  Each program has different requirements apart from the most basic requirements.  Some require the GRE and more are adopting the PCAT into their admission requirements.  Which program is best for you depends upon many factors that our PA Mentors will take into account and help create a list of schools best suited for you.

Patient Care Experience/Shadowing

How do you get the clinical hours required by a particular program? What clinical hours count?  Paid or unpaid experience?  How can I find a shadowing experience?  How do I get shadowing hours during the Pandemic?   Our Mentor’s understand all the needs of an applicant and can advise you on the best ways to find PA’s for shadowing including Virtual PA Shadowing as well as get the best job for patient care experience hours.

Second Time Around Applicant

You didn’t get accepted. Let us look over your latest CASPA and show you ways to improve it for the next time around.   Whether it was your first or fourth time applying, we have handled them all successfully.  Whether it’s retaking a science class, getting involved in volunteer work, changing the type of clinical hours or writing a personal statement that will make yours stand out from the rest, our Mentors have the experience it takes to evaluate an application for areas of improvement and advise you on the proper action to take.