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You’ve decided on a career as a Physician Assistant but given the heavy competition, do you want to leave everything to chance in hopes that you will get accepted?  When you were applying to college you probably sought out the help from school counselors and friends who were also applying.  But now you are applying for a physician assistant program where the prerequisites and advanced courses are varied.  You might have written a personal statement when you applied for college but now you need to write a statement that reflects everything you have accomplished since graduating high school, and written in a way so the admissions board can really get a sense of who you are.  You will have to interview as part of a physician assistant program admissions process.  Are you prepared for the types of questions asked at these boards?  Are you comfortable answering questions about yourself?  Or when someone poses a hypothetical situation and you have to tell them how you would respond in that situation?  What if they ask a question and you have no idea what the correct answer is?  While the phrase “there is no such thing as a stupid question” is true, in an interview giving a ‘stupid answer’ will unquestionably result in a rejection letter.


Every year more than half of all applicants to a physician assistant program are rejected.  And for the ones who reapply the following year, they have no idea what was lacking in their initial application package.  Were they applying to all the wrong schools for their background?  Was it something in the personal statement?  Or the interview?  Let our mentors take the guess work out of applying for a physician assistant program.  Some have stated they cannot afford a professional mentor.  But given that 65% of applicants don’t get accepted, can YOU afford to spend an entire year applying to several physician assistant programs only to be rejected?  Can you afford another year of doing volunteer work, trying to get clinical hours, possibly retaking courses and/or the GRE only to apply over again and still not knowing what was lacking in your previous application?  Don’t leave your future career to chance and instead invest in yourself to make sure you are one of the ones accepted into a physician assistant program.

James Kimber played a significant role in my acceptance into Stanford’s PA program.  He met with me countless times to go over my application, pointed out areas of weakness and encouraged me to improve.
Ashley Brennan, PA-C