Are you procrastinating writing your statement?  Staring at your computer thinking “I don’t know how to write about myself!”  Does your statement contain standard phrases like “I want to be a Physician Assistant because I want to help people”, “team/teamwork”, “collaboration”, “I want to work with the underserved”, “lateral mobility/flexibility of the profession” and “solidified”?  Have you read or been told that you need to write a story?  If any of this applies or you, or you just want help so your statement doesn’t sound like every other applicant, let our Physician Assistant Mentors help you stand out from the rest.

Your Personal Statement will account for 40% – 60% of a PA Programs decision to grant you an invitation for an interview.  This most recent cycle we worked with a re-applicant who had a GPA of 3.94 and she never even got an interview in the previous cycle.  When we reviewed her previous CASPA application we realized it was all because of her Personal Statement.  We helped her with her Personal Statement, and she was accepted into two PA Programs this cycle.  When writing something, it always sounds good to you.  Or maybe you have a friend read it and they confirm your own feelings.  But what you really need is someone unbiased and actually working as a Physician Assistant with admissions board experience to give your statement an honest look.

Most applicants get tips about what they think needs to be in the statement from the same sources and invariably, they all tend to sound alike at the admissions board.  You need your statement to stand out from the rest.  At PA Mentor, your Personal Statement will be reviewed and edited by a practicing Physician Assistant with years of experience editing.  Besides the basics of grammar and spelling, our Mentors will give you direct feedback on the content of your statement and let you know if what you are writing is good or if you need to make changes.

Just select the Editing Plan best for you and make sure to upload your document in the Check Out page (Word document or PDF format only).  Standard turnaround time is 48 hours or less.  We do offer a rush service if you need it in less than 12 hours.  Choose from one of the following plans:


A single edit of your Personal Statement to include grammar and spelling along with a comprehensive review of the content with written feedback.  Turn around time is less than 48 hours.


$125 – for Rush Service less than 12 hours




  • Two Comprehensive Edits
  • Phone conversation to Discuss Edits
  • Two Supplemental Essay Edits
  • Less than 24 hour turnaround

This is a very personalized service where you will work one-on-one with a practicing PA with admissions board experience.  We will conduct a mini-interview to determine what the content of your statement should be about and help you formulate it through multiple edits and phone conversations.

Additionally, in this plan, we will help you edit your Supplemental Essays.  This plan is usually sufficient for those applying to 2 to 6 PA Programs.


Premium Editing




  • Unlimited Edits to your Personal Statement
  • Unlimited Phone Conversations/Emails to Discuss Personal Statement & Edits
  • Unlimited Supplemental Essay Editing
  • Less than 24 hour turnaround

This is our most personalized editing service.  You will work one-on-one with a practicing PA with admissions board experience to ensure you have the best possible Personal Statement.  This plan is ideal for those who are applying to multiple programs and will have many supplemental essays to complete.