During the 2020 – 2021 Application Cycle, more than two-thirds of all applications were rejected.  Applicants are rejected for a variety of reasons and most never know why often reapplying using the same information.  Our Mentors will review your application and advise you on areas that might cause your application to be rejected.  They will address your GPA as well as courses you need to take and/or repeat.  We will advise you on who should be writing your Letters of Recommendation, what Patient Care Experience hours are the most competitive, advise you on ways to get shadowing hours even during the Pandemic.  We will cover Volunteer Hours, the best GRE Prep, and much more.  And with all that information, we can advise you on the PA Programs where you have the best chance of being accepted.  If you are a reapplicant, just send us your previous CASPA application and we will give you feedback on why you were rejected and how to make yourself the most competitive candidate.  During the previous cycle, we had a student with a 3.94 GPA approach us because she never even got an interview.  After a quick review of her previous CASPA application, we found out why and we were successful in helping her get accepted into two PA Programs this cycle.  On the other hand, also this cycle, we worked with a student who had a GPA of 2.97 and were successful at getting him into his #1 choice for a PA Program. 


During this most recent application cycle, more than 98% of applicants who used our services were successful at getting into at least one PA Program.  And contrary to what you may have read online, being a First Time applicant doesn’t mean you are less likely to be accepted.  Of all the students we successfully helped get into a PA Program this cycle, 83% were First Time applicants.  The services we provide are personalized to each individual candidate.  We invest a lot of time getting to know the applicants so you can stand out from all the rest and why we have such a high success rate for getting candidates accepted.  We don’t sell books about how to write a Personal Statement or conduct an interview because everyone is different.  Rather we take a very individualized approach to your Personal Statement will stand out from the rest and when the time comes and you get an interview, you’ll get that acceptance phone call. 


Here at PA Mentor, we understand the costs associated with applying to a PA Program.  When considering our services, think about the number of people who are not accepted and look at our student success rates then ask yourself how much it would cost you to have to wait another year and reapply, still not even knowing why you didn’t get accepted the first time. 


If you want to know more about our services and how we can help you, contact us for a Free Consultation.  Here at PAMO, we are here to help! 

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I am very proud to say James Kimber helped me through the process of getting into a Physician Assistant program. Not only did he boost my confidence by preparing me for the interview but he also augmented my professionalism, an essential career skill that will follow me everywhere.
Ruth Aguilar, PA-S