During the 2018 – 2019 Cycle, more than two-thirds of all applications were rejected.  Applicants are rejected for a variety of reasons but most of the time, they never know why and often reapply using the same information and personal statement.  Our Mentors can review your application and advise you on areas that might cause your application to be rejected.  If you are a reapplicant, let us look over your previous CASPA application and give you feedback on why you were rejected. 


During the same cycle, 98.3% of applicants who used our services were accepted into at least one PA Program.  Our Personal Statement reviews don’t just check for grammar but also provide a comprehensive review of the content.  When it comes time for your interview, our Mock Interview skills will prepare you to be relaxed and easily answer any question given to you.  We also will prepare you on what not to say.  And our General Advising we can help you formulate a good story for your personal statement, advise you on which programs are good fit for you as well as recommendations on how many programs to apply to and much more.  


When looking at our services and considering the costs, try thinking about how much it will cost if you aren’t accepted and have to go through the process all over again.  Most applicants apply to 15 or more programs.  But working with our Mentors, we can usually cut that list in half thereby saving you money from all the application and travel costs.  


How will you distinguish yourself from all of the other applicants in a highly competitive field? At PAMO, we are here to help!

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There are so many positive things to say about my experience working with James Kimber.  He was my biggest supporter and closest advisor while on the path to PA school.  He gave me the tools to landing multiple PA school interviews.  He is an excellent mentor, teacher, and friend. His passion for helping aspiring PA students is truly inspirational.
Kalie Applegate, PA-C