About Us



After going through the application process and upon entering the workforce as a Physician Assistant, rare was the day when I wasn’t asked about the process.  It seemed everyone I encountered was either interested in the PA field or had a friend/family member that was also considering becoming a PA.  Originally this was begun to help prospective PA students with a shadowing opportunity but soon evolved into those also wanting help with their personal statements and mock interviews.  Now, almost a decade later Physician Assistant Mentor Online has successfully helped several hundred Pre-PA students enter into a PA School and helped new and current PA’s find jobs as well as negotiate the best salary.

There are so many positive things to say about my experience working with James Kimber.  He was my biggest supporter and closest advisor while on the path to PA school.  He gave me the tools to landing multiple PA school interviews.  He is an excellent mentor, teacher, and friend. His passion for helping aspiring PA students is truly inspirational.
Kalie Applegate, PA-C