This information is current as of

April 12, 2022

We Do Not Expect To Provide This in 2022

Due to the pandemic we are suspending our PA Shadowing service until further notice.

We recommend you contact the PA Program you are applying to and see if they will waive the PA Shadowing requirements due to the current Pandemic.

One of the most difficult parts of applying for a Physician Assistant Program is finding a PA that will let you shadow them.  It can be very frustrating and time-consuming just trying to find PA’s and once you’ve finally contacted them only to have them turn you down or tell you their practice doesn’t allow students to shadow.

But shadowing a PA is a critical part of any application.  When you shadow a PA, you’ll have a one-on-one experience with an opportunity not only to learn first-hand about the PA profession, but to ask all those questions you’ve been wanting to ask someone who has already been through the process.  Is my GPA good enough?  Am I competitive?  Should I take the GRE?  Which PA Program is best for me?  Do I have enough community service hours?  The time you spend shadowing a PA is an invaluable experience but one that is becoming more and more difficult to obtain through traditional means.

With more than 1,000 PA’s available for shadowing, we have PA’s in every state and major city and have been helping Pre-PA students find PA’s for shadowing for more than a decade.   When you sign up for the PA Shadowing service, we guarantee to find you a PA to shadow within a 30-mile radius from your requested area* within 7 business days or we will provide a 100% refund.  Your shadowing experience is for four hours.  While this might seem expensive, keep in mind General Advising is $100/hour and this is a one-on-one experience at half the price of the General Advising.  Some students are able to set up additional shadowing hours with your PA but you only pay for the four hours we arrange.

Just select the PA Shadow option and we will contact you shortly to further explain the process.  During the checkout make sure to tell us three areas for us to search for a PA to shadow.  Add this information in the ‘Additional Information’ during checkout.  If you leave out the cities for us to search, it can delay finding a PA for you to shadow.


  • – Our PA’s work “regular” hours and we cannot accommodate requests to shadow evenings and/or weekends
  • – Once we connect you with a PA, there is NO refund.
  • – We cannot guarantee any request for a specific specialty
  • – This is for 4 (four) hours of shadowing.  We don’t promise anything beyond the 4 hours

*If you live in a rural area, we might not be able to find a PA within 30 miles