New Grads/Current PA’s Advising

New Grads/Current PA’s Advising


Congratulations, you’ve graduated from your physician assistant program.  Now what do you do?  Unfortunately, most programs spend little or no time in helping the soon to be graduates on the next steps towards actually working as a physician assistant.  Our mentors work in all facets of the physician assistant field.  Some are independent contractors while others are part of a medical group and others are in private practice.  We have mentors who are in virtually every medical specialty and some have multiple specialties.  Our mentors are located throughout the country so whether you are trying to get a job in Seattle, Washington or Miami, Florida, we can advise you whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned physician assistant.  Some of the areas our mentors typically advise on include:

Getting/Finding a Job

Now that you’ve graduated, how do you find that first job? When do you schedule your boards?  How to get licensed by the state?  Do you need a DEA license?  Our Mentors can help guide you through the initial process of becoming certified and licensed.   We can also help you prepare your Curriculum Vitae or update your current one as well as where to look for a physician assistant job.  There are many “job boards” but if you don’t already know, the advertised jobs are rarely the good jobs.  We can help you find the ‘unadvertised’ jobs.


You’ve landed an interview but you don’t know what to ask for a salary. Do you know what benefits you should ask for?  Do you negotiate your ‘salary’ or ‘benefits’ first?  Do you have special factors that could affect your salary, for example, are you bilingual?  Our Mentors will help you come up with an appropriate salary range along with specific benefits to negotiate for.  They will also prepare you to ask for these things and the proper time to negotiate for each.  There are key benefits you want to secure initially.  For current PA’s, we can also help you with an appropriate salary and benefits based upon past experience.

Residency Program?

You are interested in a specific specialty but don’t know if you should attend a formal residency program. There are more than 50 specialty residency programs for a physician assistant and our mentors will help you go over the advantages and disadvantages.

General Advising Pricing

General Advising is $175 per hour for the first hour and $150 per hour for each additional hour.  These sessions are generally conducted remotely via Skype but we can accommodate other means such as FaceTime, GoToMeeting and other web based communication services.  Just select your preferred method during the checkout.