GPA Calculator


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Your GPA is the single most important factor you will use to determine which PA Programs you will submit your CASPA application to.  You need to determine both your Overall GPA and your Science GPA.


  •  Use unofficial transcripts from your school(s) when inputting the information
  • You must include ALL coursework, even if you have repeated a course.  While your school may drop a lower grade for a repeated course, CASPA will calculate all of your coursework.  Do not leave out any coursework.
  • Enter all of your courses together.  Our GPA calculator will automatically separate out  your Science from your Non-Science courses just as CASPA will.
  • Make sure to choose the appropriate calendar type (Semester or Quarter) hours.  Our GPA calculator will automatically convert quarter hours to semester hours the same way CASPA will (multiplied by 0.667).
  • Once you have completed entering in your coursework, just click on “calculate GPA” and you will be given an option to print this out as a PDF file.

*** Please note, this is just an estimate of your Overall and Science GPA and can vary slightly from what will be calculated by CASPA***

Term Year Calendar Course Title Credits Grade Action