The Physician Assistant School Interview is most often the part of the application process that will determine whether or not an applicant is accepted.  And very few who haven’t been through this process will know or understand the preparation needed to be successful at an interview such as this.  For those who have been through the application process but were unsuccessful, probably still have no idea what they did wrong at the interview and are likely to repeat the same mistakes.  Most try to find what they feel will be the “right” answer but fall short in the delivery of the answer or don’t know how to react when asked something they don’t have an answer to.

Our Mentors are professionals in the art of mock interviewing.  Not only do we have actual questions that are asked at the interviews, but we can make sure you are expressing yourself in an effective way and most importantly, to make sure you are comfortable while doing it.  We will instruct you on the most common mistakes made during an interview and how to avoid them.  Sometimes very subtle things you say might give a very negative impression to the persons conducting the interview.  We will have you answering in such a way that will show confidence as well as being at ease in a setting that is very intimidating to almost any one.